Segal Lazar Electrical Contracting Co. Ltd. provides, since 1984, comprehensive electrical infrastructure, cabling, and wiring services, spanning the planning, execution, and project management of high, medium, and low voltage projects. Including the installation of telecommunication infrastructure, spark detection, and control systems.

Founded by Lazar Segal, and till today, the service we provide is meticulous with attention to detail.

Among our clients are leading Israeli entities who choose our experts to guide their projects from inception to successful completion.  

Our core values – familiarity, partnership, and top-flight service

When Lazar Segal established the company, he also set the foundation for the company’s next-generation leaders. Today, his sons run the company, championing the same top-flight service and excellence their father advocated.

Segal Lazar is a family-owned business practicing the vision and walking in its founder’s professional footsteps and path, till this very day.

Currently, the company counts fifty permanent employees and hundreds of subcontractors, all of which we consider part of the family and the source of our success. Our core values – familiarity, partnership, and top-flight service guide us in the entirety of our practices, infusing giving and onboarding all parties. Whoever works with us or for us knows that our success is theirs as well. We believe in our excellent human capital that couples our teams as we continuously do our best to empower and strengthen them, personally and professionally. Fostering excellence and leadership among our employees, we encourage continuous professional development and believe that their satisfaction is our win too.

Top-flight service – we consider our clients partners. They are the source of our long-term success, the driving force behind our work, and what guides our way towards our goal – to provide the best service possible at all times.

To achieve our goal, we have codified practice guidelines:

Safety – a no. 1 priority – without exceptions! We hold periodical safety education for our staff, including additional working at heights trainings. Also, we have developed unique methods, including a marking system, augmenting work safety and professionalism. The company conforms to the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001 certified.
Professionalism, task-orientation, and staying ahead of schedules – we live and breathe project management. Therefore, we understand how important it is to meet timelines. We are agile and creative in thought and execution with the objective to shorten schedules, whenever possible, while considering all aspects, factors, and constraints.
Quality assurance – after all, we are measured by the quality of our work. Every project undergoes stringent quality assurance procedures and is carefully inspected several times before handing it over to the client. Conforming to the highest standards and taking all the necessary precautions to prevent faults, foresee possible problems and hitches, we work with professionals and expert certified electrical inspectors, who are knowledgeable about the law and regulations. Hence, it is no surprise that Segal Lazar has become a sought-after provider.
Trust and integrity – the building blocks of everything we do. We believe in establishing trustworthy relationships based on transparent and direct communication.
Our clients spread the word!

Segal Lazar’s employees hold a top-secret security clearance, which is often a client’s prerequisite, and the reason why we are hired time and again by bodies with specific security demands for their projects.

We serve leading companies in the Israeli economy as well as global enterprises, among them the Weizmann Institute of Science, governmental offices, the IDF, military industries, renowned law firms, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, WeWork, Taboola and others.

Uncompromising about all the quality aspects of a project, our work and surroundings are always safe and immaculate. Using the best materials and scrupulous about the finishes, we strive to deliver every project to perfection and provide outstanding service.

Company directors (from right to left) Chen Segal , Lazar Segal , Bar Segal , Dan Segal.
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